Xeno Muller (sculling)

I am delighted to add this stroke cycle.... and the ergo version

Xeno has given me permission to use these images which come from his "Indoor Rowing Workout"... a 45 minute technical training DVD with Xeno as both coach and model.
If you have C2 with slides or a rowperfect, I strongly suggest you purchase this disk from him. You may also wish to subscribe to his newsletter.
Both are available from Xeno's site at http://xenocoach.com/

These frames of Xeno on the water come from the introduction.
(Have a close look at the path of the handle at blade entry... and how "quiet" the body is.)


  • Rating = 22
  • 55 frames on the recovery = 1.8seconds
  • 28 frames on the drive = 0.69 seconds.

Neil Wallace - 19th December 2004.

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