Event First Draft RESULTS - BBRC Virtual Ergatta Head Event B

posted by Information received from Jim Smillie - 22 Feb 2021, 5:10 p.m.

Fwd: Event First Draft RESULTS - BBRC Virtual Ergatta Head Event B Inbox Jim Smillie Sun, 21 Feb, 17:30 (23 hours ago) to Gary, Mary, me Hi Gary, Mary and Roy, Please see the email below I have just received with the results link. Great effort everyone. Jim ---------- Forwarded message --------- From: David Morten Date: Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 15:45 Subject: Event First Draft RESULTS - BBRC Virtual Ergatta Head Event B To: David Morten Cc: Jamie Macdonald , Wendy Morten Dear Club Coordinators, Coaches, Captains, {Blind Copy} First Draft - Race Results Now Published: Results can be found on: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1zrpyTDY7C4qlzq9nLp5MOprALJi7IgvxjfihlksLjPw/edit?usp=sharing Please share this link with your Squads/Athletes Please note: We have comparisons with Event A where applicable as well as GMS References. We also have a Filtered Winners {Winners All Ergo Types} and a Filtered Winners C2 Static {This is Concept 2 Static Only}. Please remember that there are 3 race distances so you need to scroll down to each. Further Action Points: Errors & Queries: Please email David. We will review feedback this evening and tomorrow to produce Final Results. Did Not Start: Where we had no times for athletes we have entered DNS. If you “reasonably” receive times from these athletes please email them to me. Pics: Any remaining pictures would be welcome. Stories: Any Clubs stories relating to the Event would also be welcome. A Big Thank You to all our Club Co-ordinators and the whole participating Rowing Community – we hope you enjoyed your Racing. Congratulations to all our Winners. Stay Safe Best regards David Jamie David Morten Jamie Macdonald M 0771 347 4617

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