Ian Smith

posted by Roy Sinclair - 18 Feb 2021, 7:38 p.m.

From Hazel Geddes:

Sad News to pass on to everyone.

Ian Smith, one of our most helpful, patient and true gentleman members, has sadly died last week. He had been ill for a short time, fortunately his daughter had been able to travel to be with him.

We all got to know Ian as being “the man to ask to help” in Regatta Control. He always brought a good sense of humour and determined sharp wit to deal with the many (many) questions thrown at him, from the competitors, their coaches plus the harassed event organisers!

I loved the fact that as we grew to hold bigger events – Ian never refused the request for help, always asking as we packed up as the event finished – what date to put in his diary for next time. Notwithstanding that we held our events in the coldest months of the year, he always turned up early, trusty pen and glasses in top pocket of one of the thinnest Winter Coats I’ve ever seen, with his newspaper tucked under his arm.
Over the years, He and I developed a wonderful understanding of how things worked. He seemed to thoroughly enjoy being part of “our team” and we will certainly miss him.
In due course, when restrictions allow, I would like to suggest we all gather to remember Ian.

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