Monster The Loch - Saturday 28th September 2019

posted by Roy Sinclair - 23 Sep 2019, 9:47 a.m.

The following information has been provided by Pete Wells the Event Organiser for this event which takes place on Loch Ness on Saturday 28th September. On behalf of the organiser and all participants in this very significant and historic event, I am forwarding the information from Pete Wells to flag up the event and trust that you will be able to include this preview in your forthcoming publication and or news report later this week to draw attention to the event to your local and regional readers/listeners/viewers. Members of Inverness Rowing Club including one Olympic oarsman from the Black Isle will take part in this event in three of the crews racing on Saturday. Opportunities for TV, radio, press photographs etc are encouraged and would be much appreciated.


I have included below the essential information regarding Monster The Loch.

You can find extra relevant information on the website or by email to the organiser, Pete Wells, at or 07540637211

Where - Loch Ness, rowing from Fort Augustus to Dores Inn, a distance in excess of 21 miles. (it is possible that, dependant on weather conditions the course could be reversed, starting at Dores Inn and finishing at Fort Augustus. The final decision will be made no later than the day before the race)

When - Saturday 28th September 2019. The main race starts at 9.00am and the pedalo race starts at 7.00am

What - Any seaworthy human-powered boat may enter. This already includes rowing 8s, 4s, 2s and singles, kayaks and pedalos

Entries - Currently there are 55 crews entered. As these range from 1 to 9 (inc cox) in a boat, there are well over 250 competitors. These include entries from USA, Canada, Sweden, Germany, and Peru as well as many boats with local interest

The GB Rowing Team has entered an eights rowing boat which includes a rower from Inverness. They are confident of breaking the record!

The challenge - 1. to complete the course! 2. to beat the current records which I understand were set by an eights boat in 1975 in a time of 2 hours 37 minutes and by a kayak in 2016 in a time of 3 hours 28 minutes. 3. To set new records including a pedalo record, a stand-up paddle-board record and several small boats records.

Many crews are raising money for charity by completing the challenge and the RNLI has agreed to be the official charity supporting the event.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require any further details.

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