Midsummer Midnight Outing.

posted by Neil Wallace - 24 Jun 2017, 9:22 p.m.

Photos uploaded by:
  • Neil Wallace

On Friday the 23rd Jun at 21:00 BST, 9 Inverness members took "Lochindorb" (the club 8+) out for a short outing (approx 55 minutes), followed by an impromptu bonfire by the boathouse and a short wait for the sun to raise again at 1:30.

The crew line up was:-
  • Hazel Geddes (bow)
  • Neil Wallace
  • Julie Doorley
  • Judy (I don't know her last name.... the new girl who is fit and has a VW van)
  • Jim Smillie
  • Hazel Smith
  • Dave Rothwell
  • Sarah (The jovial Irish Girl who sets a fantastic rhythm.... again... I don't know her last name?)
  • Katie Van Vixen (cox)

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