This weekend 10th September we are holding the Allan Garraway Sculling event

posted by Secretary Rosie - 7 Sep 2016, 12:01 p.m.

This weekend 10th September we are holding the Allan Garraway Sculling event, an internal club event for single scullers - which will start in the morning after all the competitors have completed a 500m time trial. The scullers are then entered into a draw and race over 500m one-to-one with handicapped starts according to their time trials. We ask all competitors to arrive by 9.30am so that we can set up the course, organise the time trial etc and get going as soon as possible. There is no entry fee and you do not have to have valid rowing licence to enter. Once the time trial has been completed we will work out the handicaps and move straight onto side by side knock out racing. A slightly later start than in previous years but this will allow us to avoid the Jacobite Queen and will also enable the performance group to have their 8.00am session. It is really important that all competitors arrive promptly by 9.30. Once the schedule has been arranged no late entries will be permitted. The finishing time of the event is an unknown quantity as this all depends on how many people enter and how many interruptions we get due to canal traffic and possibly the odd capsize. Bring some refreshments and some good humour
A trophy will be awarded to the eventual winner.

Please note we will require all club boats to be back at the boathouse by 9.30. This should not be a problem because you will all need to be there to sign up for the sculling competition.

Good luck

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