Club Safety Drill - Sunday 12th October at 12 noon

posted by Roy Sinclair - 9 Oct 2014, 5:27 p.m.

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At the AGM last night it was confirmed that the club will be holding a Cold water capsize drill in the canal by the pontoons on Sunday morning 12th October. This will take place at the end of club time, at about 12 mid-day, as it is really important that no one goes out rowing after they have become cold and wet during the practice.

Juniors will need a letter of consent from their parents.

Senior members of the rowing club will be in attendance with appropriate equipment, to ensure the safety of all participants.


Please remember -
  • Wear warm clothing for the capsize i.e. full winter rowing kit
  • Bring a complete change of clothing and warm jumpers/ hats etc to change into immediately after getting out of the water
  • Bring a Thermos flask with a hot drink and a snack- if possible
  • Juniors - need a letter of consent from their parents and any juniors taking part need to be collected after the end of the session and taken home.

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