Final Schedule, Circulation Pattern and Web Links for Saturday

posted by Dave Rothwell - 14 Aug 2014, 8:06 p.m.

The final schedule and circulation pattern is now on our events page

Changes to the schedule are identified in red.

Please note that to reduce the risk of crews colliding in the launch area we have changed the launching and recovery instructions. Outgoing crews should use the pontoons facing away from the boathouse and should return to the steps.

Can we ask that trailers are not parked at the Jacobite queen? This parking area is needed for Jacobite Cruises and all trailers should be parked on the bank close to the pontoons or in the turning area after the boathouse.

Finally, updates to the schedule, winning times and winners should be available on the internet throughout the day:

These data will automatically refresh every 30 secs or so, so please do not leave your phone showing these web pages if you are concerned over your data usage.

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