World Rowing Championships - Revised Racing Schedule

posted by Roy SinclairWorld Rowing - - 27 Aug 2013, 10:18 a.m.

Due to anticipated weather changes, an updated racing schedule for the World Champs has been posted by World Rowing -

Some para racing events previously scheduled for Thursday will now take place on Wednesday and Thursday's semi-finals have been resheduled with the A/B semis being raced from 9.30am (1.30am UK time) till 11.31am (3.31am UK time) followed thereafter by the C/D semis.

Inverness/GB crew racing in the A/B semis are Imogen Walsh in the LW2X and Alan Sinclair in the M4-.

You can watch the Semi finals on the Live Viewer on the World Rowing website at -

Go GB !!!

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