Hawco Sprint Regatta - Saturday 17th August 2013

posted by Roy Sinclair - 29 Jul 2013, 8:35 a.m.


Hawco Sprint Regatta

(Held in accordance with Scottish Rowing Rules of Racing)

Saturday 17th August 2013

Racing over 500m

A Comprehensive Range of Events Offered
including Mixed Racing

Senior Events - £6.50 Per Seat Junior Events - £4.50 Per Seat

Coxes No Charge
(Our entry fee includes the Scottish Rowing Regatta Levy)

ENTRIES WILL CLOSE AT Midnight on Thursday 1st AUGUST 2013

Please submit your entries using MyeventZ

For those unable to pay on line please post cheques to:
Inverness Rowing Club, c/o 47 Firthview Drive, Inverness, IV3 8NS
Cheques to be received by noon on 2nd August - no payment no entry

Inverness Rowing Club
Hawco Sprint 2013

Local Rules

1. All racing will be run in accordance with SARA Rules of Racing. All competitors must be in possession of a valid Racing Licence when their entry is made. Anyone contravening the Rules will be disqualified.

2. Veteran races will be handicapped - handicaps will be applied at the start.

3. "Mixed" crews are assumed to be an equal mix of Male & Female rowers. Exceptions may be allowed by IRC race control on the day if the composition is deemed to be fair, and if this is the only way to enable racing to take place.

4. Racing will be over a 500m course (approx)

5. All crews MUST be in the start area 5 minutes before the start time of their race.

6. Crews must be in the marshalling area beyond the start 5 mimnutes before start time. A False Start will be awarded to crews arriving at the start late.

7. Crews should proceed upstream on the CITY side of the canal (left hand bank looking upstream). Please note this is the opposite to the usual circulation pattern of the canal.

8. All coxes MUST wear lifejackets.

9. All Crews MUST obey Marshalls at all times. Failure to do so may result in Disqualification.

10. After the finish ALL boats must paddle clear of the finish line and stay on the water until they are called into a landing area by a Jetty Marshall.

11. IRC reserve the right to amalgamate events to facilitate racing.

12. Please note that the while Organising Committee will do their best to accommodate a maximum of THREE entries made by Competitors, we cannot guarantee a rest period between racing, particularly for those with 3 entries or more.

Refreshments will be available all day.
We hope you enjoy the day and the excellent rowing which the Caledonian Canal has to offer.
Traditional BBQ at the boat house for post regatta R&R




Girls J12 1X Open J12 1X Nov 1X Nov 1X
Girls J12 2X Open J12 2X Nov 2X Nov 2X
Nov 4X+ Nov 4X+
Girls J14 1X Open J14 1X Nov 4+ Nov 4+
Girls J14 2X Open J14 2X
Girls J14 4X+ Open J14 4X+ R2 1X R2 1X
R2 2X R2 2X
Girls J16 1X Open J16 1X R2 4X+ R2 4X+
Girls J16 2X Open J16 2X R2 4+ R2 4+
Girls J16 4X Open J16 4X R2 8+ R2 8+

Girls J18 1X Open J18 1X R1 1X R1 1X
Girls J18 2X Open J18 2X R1 2X R1 2X
R1 2- R1 2-
R1 4+ R1 4+

PLUS!!! Open 1X Open 1X
Adaptive 1X Open 2X Open 2X
Generation 4X+ Open 2- Open 2-
Mixed R2 8+ Open 4- Open 4-
Mixed R2 2x
Mixed Vet 2x Vet 1X Vet 1X
Vet 2X Vet 2X
Vet 2- Vet 2-
Vet 4X Vet 4X
Vet 4+ Vet 4+
Vet 4- Vet 4-


We would like to extend a Special Invitation to Scullers of all abilities to
Race a Coxed Quad as a "Generation 4x+".
Two Seniors combining with Two Juniors
(Age Difference to be 25 years between the Youngest Senior & the Oldest Junior)

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