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posted by Roy Sinclair - 1 Nov 2012, 11:28 a.m.

As is the norm there's minimal fuss around this annual sculling event despite it's heritage having been started in the 1830s. It's actually the British Amateur Championship and Championship of the Thames and should you win it, the Diamonds at HRR and the London Cup at the Met Regatta you'd find that you'd completed the "triple crown" of sculling - no mean feat.

We'll hopefully be down there to get some photos although we make no promises as it's quite a closely guarded event. It's a sculling race for scullers, organised by scullers - as demonstrated by this year's umpire being Olympic Champion Sophie Hosking.

If you're based around the SW London area for work you might want to pop out of your office for an extended lunch break and catch a glimpse of Olympic Medalists Mahe Drysdale and Alan Campbell try to keep pesky lightweight Adam Freeman-Pask at arms length

The draw for the 2012 Women's Wingfields is:

1.Imogen Walsh (London and Inverness)
2.Debbie Flood (Leander)
3.Beth Rodford (Gloucester)
4.Jess Eddie (ULWBC)

Umpire: Sophie Hosking (Champion 2008-9)
Aligner: Phil Rowley (TSS)
Start time: 12.30pm

The draw for the 2012 Wingfield Sculls is:

1.Alan Campbell (Tideway Scullers School)
2.Mahe Drysdale (Tideway Scullers School)
3.Adam Freeman-Pask (Imperial)

Umpire: Sophie Hosking (Champion 2008-9)
Aligner: Phil Bourguignon (London)
Start time: 1.30pm

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