Henley Royal Regatta - List of Entries 2012

posted by Roy Sinclair - 20 Jun 2012, 2:17 p.m.

Two scullers from Inverness have been entered for this year's Henley Royal Regatta - Imogen Walsh in the Princess Royal Challenge Cup for single sculls and Alan Sinclair in the Double Sculls Challenge Cup

The Double Sculls Challenge Cup
(Holders: M.W. Wells & R.M. Bateman, Leander Club)

B. Ashby & J. Trappit (Star Boat Club, New Zealand)
C.J. Beech & L.P. Beech (Worcester Rowing Club)
A. Berntsen & H.G. Grepperud (Oslo Kraftsenter, Norway)
A. Boreman & C. Beck (Royal Belfast Academical Institution and Belfast Boat Club)
M.W.J. Calvin & J.A. Nelson (Twickenham Rowing Club)
J.E. Collins & A.J. Sinclair (Leander Club)
A.W. Davies & L.P. Birdsey (Cardiff City Rowing Club and Minerva Bath Rowing Club)
E.J. Grisedale & J.C. Guppy (Northwich Rowing Club and Eastbourne Rowing Club)
J.P. Halliday & H. Bond (Thames Rowing Club and Vesta Rowing Club)
R. Hosking & P.J. Keane (Walton Rowing Club and Tyrian Club)
M.R. Mitchell & B.O.A. Board (Bexhill Amateur Rowing Club and Shoreham Rowing Club)
T. Nagasaki & K. Kimeda (Mitsubishi Boat Club, Japan)
A. Radovic & J.M. Pieper (Drexel University, U.S.A.)
A. Skogen & T. Albert (Oslo Kraftsenter, Norway)
S.T. Thompson & W.J.C. Curry (Chester-le-Street Amateur Rowing Club)
P. van Schie & T.J. Doornbos (University of Groningen and Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus, Holland)
S.H. Whelpley & W.S. Cowles (Potomac Boat Club and Penn Athletic Club & Rowing Association, U.S.A.)

Total Entries: 17 (2011: 14)
To be reduced to 12 entries by Qualifying Races

The Princess Royal Challenge Cup
(Holder: M. Knapkova, Czech Republic)

O.F. Coffey (Radcliffe Crew, Harvard University, U.S.A.)
F.P. Dekker (Amsterdamsche Studenten Roeivereeniging Nereus, Holland)
E.K. Gade (Seattle Rowing Center, U.S.A.)
L.E. Gooderham (Sport Imperial Boat Club)
K. Johnson (Leeds Rowing Club)
A. Labots (Roeivereeniging Studenten Vreie Universiteit Okeanos, Holland)
A. McNamara (National Rowing Centre of Excellence, Australia)
K. Pajusalu (R.C. Kalev, Estonia)
M.M.H. Pauls (Sport Imperial Boat Club)
I. Penney (Kingston Rowing Club, Canada)
A. Propsting (Sport Imperial Boat Club)
S. Puspure (Old Collegians Boat Club, Ireland)
L. Schiavone (Centro Nazionale di Canottaggio Piediluco, Italy)
K.E. Stainken (Potomac Boat Club, U.S.A.)
K. Twyman (Wallingford Rowing Club)
A.C. Vargas Palomo (Club Salvadoreno, El Salvador)
R. Walczak (Molesey Boat Club)
I.C. Walsh (London Rowing Club)
P.J. Whittaker (Nottingham Rowing Club)

Total Entries: 19 (2011: 18)
To be reduced to 8 entries by Qualifying Races

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