Allan Garraway Single Sculling Trophy and World Masters Regatta

posted by Roy Sinclair - 30 Aug 2010, 9:15 a.m.

On Saturday 4th September, Inverness Rowing Club's own closed single sculling event for the Allan Garraway Single Sculling Trophy will take place over the 500 metre sprint course close to the club's boathouse on the Caledonian Canal. Club athletes ranging in age from 14 to 67 are expected to take part in this popular event with equalising handicaps being applied in favour of the older and junior members who are due to compete. Qualifying handicaps are due to be posted from 9am that morning with the knockout event for side by side racing starting at approximately 10.30am.

Also, at the World Masters Regatta at St Catherines in Ontario, Canada, Hazel Smith will be part of the Scottish Masters group which will challenge for medals during this annual four day world class event which is expected to be attended by many thousands of athletes from all over the world.

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