Scottish Rowing Email Update November 2009

posted by Roy Sinclair - 8 Dec 2009, 8:47 a.m.

Welcome to our first electronic Update bulletin. Scottish Rowing aim to keep you up-to-date with news and events about coaching, clubs, training, coaching, regattas ... and all things rowing. In this issue:

AGM Update
Scottish Rowing Awards
Junior Development Camp
Training Camps at the NRA

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AGM Update

The first Annual General meeting of the newly incorporated 'Scottish Rowing' was held on the 18th October at the NRA. Mike Morrice (President) and Ian White (VP Performance) reported on Scottish Rowing's work / progress this year and also plans for the future.

The following resolutions and nominations for the Board were approved:

Rule C17 of the Rules of Racing to be changed to:
All coxswains, irrespective of the status of the event entered, must wear a lifejacket (conforming to BS EN 396:1994 - formerly BS3595) or a buoyancy aid of approved design whilst taking part at a regatta. Coxswains in "front loader" positions must wear lifejackets which allow them easy escape from their positions

Rule C2 of the Rules of Racing to be changed to:
Every boat shall carry securely affixed to the bow a solid ball of rubber or material of similar consistency, white in colour, with a diameter of not less than 4 centimetres, and incapable of being significantly deflected in any direction. This protection may also be afforded by a specially shaped bow of suitable material. This requirement shall also apply during practice.

Rule D8 of the Rules of Racing to be changed to:
D8* COXSWAINS. Coxswains of Junior crews must be Juniors and are not sub-classified by age. Other classifications shall not be applicable to coxswains, who shall in other respects be considered to be members of the crew. In men's events other than Junior events, the minimum weight for coxswains shall be 55 kg. In women's events and mixed events, the minimum weight for coxswains shall be 50 kg. In Junior events, the minimum weight will be 45kg. To make up this weight, the coxswain shall carry deadweight as close as practicable to, but not on, his person. Coxswains in all categories of events may be male or female.

That the veteran handicap applied to long distance events should increase by 1.8% of the standard time for each category from B to F inclusive, by 3.6% from F to G, by 5.4% from G to H and by 7.2% from H to I.

Change the restriction on intermediate points to maximum 3 points average per crew.

Ask the ROC to consider offering a 'Victor Ludorum' style club championship at the Scottish Championships (with a non-monetary reward) and to investigate options for implementing this.

For Scottish Rowing to support and work towards a return of the coxed four at HIR.

Nominated Board Members
Secretary Martin Claxton

Ordinary Member (Coaching) Mary Massaro

Ordinary Member (Communication) Roy Sinclair

Ordinary Member (Governance) Tom Hewitt

Scottish Rowing Awards

At the AGM, the Scottish Rowing awards were announced as follows:

Oarsman of the Year David Smith

Oarswoman Katherine Grainger

Junior Oarsman Andrew Holmes

Junior Oarswoman Rosie Young

Vet Oarsman Gordon Kerr

Vet Oarswoman Maureen McGarvey

Coach Jim Ferguson

Volunteer Jean Ann McKinnell

Crew EUBC W2- Jen Reid & Polly Swan

The Awards will be presented at the first available opportunity be a member of the Board.

Junior Development Camp

The Junior Development Camp is being hosted at the National Rowing Academy on the 9/10 January 2010. The camp is targeted at athletes in the J15 and J16 age categories (for the 2009/10 season) who have the hunger and desire to progress their rowing to the next level. The Performance Group will also consider nominations from talented J14's (e.g. Scottish Champions) or latecomers to the sport making good progress at J17 level.

Applications should be made online at:

This should be followed up by sending the relevant camp fee and a completed medical consent form to the Scottish Rowing office.

Further information can be obtained from Lee Boucher - 07818 077612 (mob).

Training Camps at the NRA

Clubs from north and south of the border are busy booking the National Rowing Academy for training sessions, days and camps. Your Academy now offers a comprehensive package including fitness assessment, ergos, coaching, indoor tank and outdoor rowing. We also offer video feedback, catering and accommodation if required. To book your one-off or regular sessions, please contact

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