Inverness Fours and Small Boats Heads & Scottish Rowing's Long Distance Time Trial

posted by Roy Sinclaira Castle - 20 Nov 2009, 8:26 a.m.

A record entry of 239 crews was received for the Inverness Fours and Small Boats Heads which took place in variable weather conditions on Saturday and Sunday, 14th and 15th November on the superb rowing waters of the Caledonian Canal in Inverness. The Fours Head took place on the Saturday in calm but showery conditions whilst Sunday's weather was much kinder for the athletes in the Small Boats Head with a light following wind and sunshine on the 4500 metre course. Much excellent racing was witnessed on both days competition with the host club winning women's veteran coxed fours on Saturday and on Sunday, men's R2 double sculls, men's veteran coxless pairs, men's and women's veteran double sculls, women's junior 16 and junior 18 double sculls, women's veteran and junior 16 single sculls.

On Saturday, the fastest time recorded in division 1 was posted by a Castle Semple RC/Stirling RC quadruple sculls men's veteran composite crew which covered the 4500 metre course in a time of 16 minutes 42 seconds, closely followed by a Glasgow University BC men's open coxed four in a time of 16 minutes 55 seconds. Fastest women's crew in division 1 was the Strathclyde Park RC quadruple sculls crew in a time of 17 minutes 49 seconds. The Clydesdale ARC men's coxless four claimed the traditional prize of mounted stag's antlers for the fastest crew of the event in an excellent time of 16 minutes 23 seconds in division 2 on Saturday, whilst a Clydesdale's women's coxed four achieved the position of fastest women's crew in division 2 with a time of 18 minutes 49 seconds.

Also on Saturday, Heriot Watt University BC won men's R2 coxed fours and both men's and women's novice coxed fours, Aberdeen Boat Club won both men's and women's R1 coxed fours and women's R2 coxed fours, St Andrew BC won men's veteran coxed fours and women's R2 coxed quadruple sculls, Aberdeen Schools RA won women's junior 16 and junior 18 coxed fours and open junior 14 coxed quadruple sculls, and George Heriots School RC won women's novice coxed quadruple sculls.

In the Small Boats events on the Sunday, fastest crew of the day was the Inverness RC/Glasgow RC men's composite double sculls crew which recorded a fine time of 17 minutes 25 seconds in division 1. Fastest crew in Division 2 was the Glasgow RC's Sam Scrimgeour in a time of 17 minutes 58 seconds in the men's open single sculls.

Also on Sunday, Clydesdale won nine other events followed by Aberdeen BC, St Andrew BC, Strathclyde University BC and Glasgow Schools RC with two wins each and Dundee University BC and Strathclyde Park RC each with one win.

Prior to division 1 of the Fours Head on Saturday, 44 crews took part in the Scottish Rowing Long Distance Time Trial which was held over the longer 5000 metre course on the Caledonian Canal. Fastest men's heavyweight coxless pairs crew was an Aberdeen BC crew in a time of 19 minutes 49 seconds whilst their women's heavyweight crew achieved first place with a time of 21 minutes 37 seconds. The fastest men's heavyweight single sculler was Andrew McConnell of Clydesdale ARC in a time of 20 minutes 12 seconds with Aberdeen BC's Casper VanDenNouland's time of 21 minutes 29 seconds achieved first place in lightweight single sculls. Strathclyde Park RC's Kelly Limond achieved the fastest time of 21 minutes 20 seconds in women's heavyweight single sculls. Clydesdale also produced the fastest men's lightweight coxless pair with a time of 20 minutes 31 seconds whilst, Imogen Walsh of Clyde RC posted a time of 21 minutes 37 seconds to claim first place in women's lightweight single sculls. In junior events, Clydesdale ARC's Gourlay won men's single sculls and Glasgow Schools RC's Colley won women's s single sculls, whilst Aberdeen Schools were placed first in both men's and women's coxless pairs.


Winners of Fours Events

Division 1
Mens Veteran Quadruple sculls - Castle Semple RC/Stirling RC --- 16.42 (16.07)
Mens Open Coxed Fours - Glasgow University BC (Graham) --- 16.55
Mens R2 Coxed Fours - Heriot Watt University BC (Martin) --- 17.48
Mens Veteran Coxed Fours - St Andrew BC (Wilson) --- 17.47 (17.29)
Open Junior 18 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen Schools RA (Wallace) --- 17.51
Womens Open Quad Sculls - Strathclyde Park RC (Connal) ---17.49
Women's Open Coxless Fours - Clydesdale ARC (McKeown) --- 18.21
Womens R1 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen BC (Jones) --- 19.26
Womens R2 Coxed Quad Sculls - St Andrew BC (Fordwood) --- 19.38
Womens Junior 16 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen Schools RA (Reid) --- 20.22
Womens Novice Coxed Fours - Heriot Watt University BC (Stewart) --- 20.46

Division 2
Mens Open Coxless Fours - Clydesdale ARC (McConnell) --- 16.23
Mens R1 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen BC (Hills) ---17.26
Mens Novice Coxed Fours - Heriot Watt University BC (Young) --- 17.59
Mixed Coxed Quad Sculls - Heriot Watt University BC (Martin) --- 18.44
Open Junior 14 Coxed Quad Sculls - Aberdeen Schools RA (Snedden) --- 23.49
Womens Open Coxed Fours - Clydesdale ARC (McKeown) ---18.49
Womens R1 Quad Sculls - Aberdeen University BC (Foster) --- 18.57
Womens Junior 18 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen Schools RA (Steel) --- 19.31
Womens R2 Coxed Fours - Aberdeen BC (Jones) --- 20.23
Womens Veteran Coxed fours - Inverness RC (Smith) --- 20.34 (19.29)
Womens Novice Coxed Fours - George Heriots School RC (Manson) --- 21.28

Winners of Small Boats Events

Division 1
Mens R2 Double Sculls - Inverness RC/Glasgow RC (Sinclair) --- 17.25
Mens Open Coxless Pairs - Clydesdale ARC (Rae) --- 17.32
Mens R1 Single Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Murty) --- 18.49
Mens R2 Coxless Pairs - Dundee University BC (Toal) --- 19.14
Open Junior 16 Single Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Leask) --- 19.28
Mens Novice Single Sculls - Strathclyde University BC (Douglas) --- 21.00
Mens Veteran Single Sculls - Aberdeen BC (Matheson) --- 21.11 (19.28)
Womens Open Single Sculls - Strathclyde Park Rowing Club (Limond) --- 19.15
Womens Veteran Double Sculls - Inverness Rowing Club (Smith) --- 20.02 (19.41)
Womens Junior 18 Single Sculls - Glasgow Schools RC (Colley) --- 20.43
Womens R2 Single Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Baillie) --- 21.10
Womens Junior 16 Double Sculls - Inverness RC (Guild) --- 22.02
Womens Novice Single Sculls - St Andrew BC (Robertson) --- 23.54

Division 2
Mens Open Single Sculls - Glasgow RC (Scrimgeour) --- 17.58
Mens R1 Double Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Houghton) --- 18.10
Open Junior 16 Double Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Galano) --- 18.47
Mens Novice Double Sculls - Strathclyde University BC (Finlayson) --- 18.50
Mens Veteran Double Sculls - Inverness RC (Baker) --- 19.04 (18.09)
Mens R2 Single Sculls - Aberdeen BC (VanDenNouland) --- 19.56
Mens Veteran Coxless Pairs - Inverness RC (Sharkey) --- 20.00 (19.02)
Mens R1 Coxless Pairs --- Clydesdale ARC (Quinn) --- 20.07
Womens Open Double Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Young) --- 19.03
Womens R2 Double Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Gourlay) --- 19.43
Womens R2 Coxless Pairs - Glasgow Schools RC (Colley) --- 20.15
Womens Open Coxless Pairs - Strathclyde Park RC (Connal) --- 20.29
Womens R1 Single Sculls - St Andrew BC (Crighton) --- 21.36
Womens Junior 18 Double Sculls - Inverness RC/St Andrew BC (Robertson) --- 22.22
Womens Junior 16 Single Sculls - Inverness RC (Wells) --- 22.30
Womens Novice Single Sculls - Aberdeen BC (Schooling) --- 22.40
Womens Veteran Single Sculls - Inverness RC (Clouston) --- 23.36 (22.05)

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