Allan Garraway Single Sculling Trophy

posted by Roy Sinclair - 29 Sep 2008

On Sunday 28th September, the club's own closed single sculling event was raced for the Allan Garraway Single Sculling Trophy over the sprint course close to the boathouse on the Caledonian Canal. A total of 8 athletes, four women and four men, ranging in age from 12 to 65 took part in this event in favourable tailwind conditions with equalising handicaps being applied in favour of the older and junior members who took part.

Those athletes who fought their way through to semi-final positions were in the first semi - final , John Sharkey and Mary Clouston, whilst Dave Rothwell and Susanne Standish-Hunter met in the second semi - final.

Progressing by the narrowest of margins, Sharkey and Rothwell squeezed through to the final, which was won by just over one length by Dave Rothwell.

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