Allan Garraway Trophy

posted by Roy R Sinclair - 12 Dec 2005

On Sunday, the club's own closed single sculling event was raced for the very first time for the Allan Garraway Sculling Trophy over the 500 metre sprint course on the straight to the north of the Tomnahurich Swing Bridge. A total of 12 athletes, three women and nine men, ranging in age from 15 to 62 took part in this event in very difficult windy conditions with equalising handicaps being applied in favour of the older members who took part.

Those athletes who fought their way through to semi-final positions were in the first semi - final; Ken Andrews and Ken Sinclair, whilst Neil Wallace and Mandy Towrie met in the second semi - final.

Fighting hard into the strong, gusty winds, Ken Sinclair and Neil Wallace squeezed through to the final, which was won by approximately two lengths by the veteran Ken Sinclair.

Event sponsor Allan Garraway, who was present at the event, heartily commended all competitors for their skill and performance in mastering the difficult conditions and congratulated the first ever winner of the trophy.

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