Tenon Ltd. Inverness Eights And Small Boats Head

posted by Roy R Sinclair - 20 Feb 2005

An excellent entry of 87 crews was received for the Tenon Ltd Inverness Eights and Small Boats Head which took place in cold but relatively calm conditions on Saturday 19th February on the superb rowing waters of the Caledonian Canal in Inverness. Rowed in two divisions, the first started at 11.30am with the second at 2.30pm.

Inverness crews featured in the winners lists. In Division 1, the Inverness/St Andrew Boat Club composite of Dave Howard (bow), Colin Sinclair, Alastair Duff, Duncan Alexander, Ken Sinclair, Andy Robb, Chris Gates, Neil Wallace (stroke) and Lawrence Edwards (cox) produced the fastest time of the day in winning the Mens Restricted 2 Eights category in a fine time of 16 minutes 40.1 seconds

Also in Division 2 Alastair Duff won the Mens Veteran C Single Sculls by the narrowest margin of 0.6 of a second from Iain Morton (both Inverness RC members).

Inverness member Alan Sinclair, rowing for Aberdeen University Boat Club with Ross Cruikshanks, also featured in the winners list with this crew winning the Mens Restricted 2 Double Sculls in a time of 18 minutes 1.2 seconds.

Fastest womens crew of the day was the Womens Restricted 1 Eight from Clydesdale ARC/St Andrew Boat Club which recorded a fine time of 17 minutes 01.9 seconds in Division 1, the fastest time in Division 2 being recorded by the Glasgow RC veteran D crew which achieved a time of 17 minutes 20.5 seconds/ adjusted to 16 minutes 12.5 seconds on application of handicap allowance.

Results - Winners

Division 1

  • Mens R2 Eights - Inverness RC/St Andrew BC (Wallace)---16.40
  • Mens Veteran B Double Sculls - Castle Semple RC (Murray)----17.24/17.14
  • Mens Open Double Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (McConnell)---18.25
  • Mens Junior 18 Double Sculls - Strathclyde Park RC (Gaddis)---18.59
  • Mens Open Single Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Philips)---19.00
  • Mens Novice Single Sculls - Aberdeen Boat Club (McGuigan)---19.53
  • Womens R1 Eights - Clydesdale ARC/St Andrew BC (Young)----17.01
  • Womens Novice Eights - Cldesdale ARC (Toal)---19.09
  • Womens Lightweight Single Sculls - Clyde ARC (Gorton)---21.26
  • Womens Junior 16 Single Sculls - Strathclyde Park ARC (C Santoni)---23.22

Division 2

  • Mens R2 Double Sculls - Aberdeen University BC (Sinclair)---18.01
  • Mens Novice Eights - Aberdeen University Boat Club (Houston)----18.43
  • Mens Lightweight Single Sculls - Clydesdale ARC (Philips)---19.15
  • Mens Veteran D/E/F Single Sculls - Glasgow RC (Trenchard)---21.54/19.55
  • Mens Veteran C Single Sculls - Inverness RC (Duff)---20.51/20.13
  • Mens Junior 16 Double Sculls - Strathclyde park RC (Barton)---21.46
  • Womens Open Eights -Clydesdale ARC/St Andrew BC (Young)---17.26
  • Womens R2 Eights - St Andrew BC (MacDonald)---18.26
  • Womens R2 Double Sculls - Clyde ARC (Schumacher)---20.20
  • Womens Junior 16 Single Sculls - Strathclyde Park ARC (C Santoni)---22.03

Fastest Crews in Other Boat Categories

Division 1

  • Mens Open Coxed Four - Aberdeen University BCl/Aberdeen BC (Taylor)---16.46
  • Mens R2 Coxless Pair - St Andrew BC (Collings)---19.25
  • Womens Veteran C Double Sculls - Strathclyde Park RC (McAdie)---20.14
  • Mixed Double Sculls - Starthclyde Park RC (Struthers)---18.26

Division 2

  • Mens Veteran D Eights - Glasgow Rowing Club (Kerr)---17.20/16.12
  • Mens Open Double Sculls - Castle Semple RC (Murray)--- 17.30
  • Mens Open Lightweight Double Sculls - Aberdeen BC (McRae)---17.34
  • Mens Veteran D Coxless Pairs - Inverness RC (Baker)---19.50/18.33
  • Mens Junior 18 Coxless Pairs - Strathclyde Park RC/Castle Semple RC (Shankland)---19.50
  • Mens Junior 18 Single Sculls - Glasgow Schools RC (Carden)---22.09
  • Womens Junior 18 Single Sculls - Strathclyde Park RC (N Santoni)---24.43

Results recorded by other Inverness Club crews

  • Womens R2 Eights
    (D Waterson, C Wallace, H Geddes, C Morton, H Smith, C Ward, M Towrie, B Wallace - stroke, S Standish-Hunter - cox) --- 19.09
  • Mens Veteran F Double Sculls ( D Ruane, I Hunter - stroke) --- 22.05/19.32

Prizes were presented to winning crews by Hazel Geddes - representing event sponsor Tenon Ltd.

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