Inverness "Fat Boys" show their metal on the Clyde.

posted by Roy R Sinclair - 6 Oct 2003

Last weekend saw another leap forward for the rapidly improving Men's Novice Crew of Inverness Rowing Club.

Equipped with the new club boat "Dochfour", Ken Sinclair(stroke), Joe Wright, Neil Wallace, Duncan Alexander (bow) and Helen Wallace (Cox) travelled to Glasgow Rowing Club's 'Three Heads Event' on the River Clyde last weekend.
Whilst the rest of Glasgow seemed pre-occupied with football, a new rowing event was being contested.

The racing was in the form of time trials over 3000metres which the "fat boys" (so called because they are possibly the heaviest crew in Scottish Rowing) completed no less than 3 times.

In each of the 3 divisions, Inverness were the fastest crew in their category. Indeed, several more experienced crews couldn't match their performances.

Cox Helen Wallace said "Their best performance was during the 3rd piece. Into a stiffening head wind the boys managed to build on their earlier times and finish 8th fastest out of 30 crews. I thought they would have been exhausted by the end but they proved me wrong. The last 500m of the day was awesome."

The crew have trained together for 18 months, under the experienced guidance of Ian Hunter, formerly national coach for the Zimbabwe Rowing Association.

Inverness Rowing Club are actively seeking new members. If you would like to try the ultimate fitness sport on Scotland's best rowing water then why not examine the Club's website at // for more information or contact the Captain, Roy Sinclair, on 01463 811747.

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