Hazel at the World Masters in Racice, Czech Rep 5-8 September 2002

posted by Hazel Smith - 15 Sep 2002

The wins were as follows - WC8 with a composite from Clydesdale, St Andrew, Sons of Thames, and others.
The Scottish contingent providing the power in the middle of the boat!
This got the weekend off to a good start as this was won by 0830am!

The next race that was won was the WA+ with Clydesdale, and St Andrews.
The pair was directly after the 8s race and neither Jannine and I felt able to give it our all. We knew that in order to win the event we needed to lead from the start, which we didnt manage to do - despite having had blistering starts in practice and at Inverness. Instead we took the decosion to save ourselves for the A4+ a decision that we felt paid off. although on different days the time for the coxed 4 is only slightly slower (0.21s) than that of the coxless on the Saturday indicating the speed and power of the crew.

The last race on friday was the 4x, but I'd rather not comment on that!
Friday saw us taking the B4- in an extremely tight race in which we won by a little over 1 second, I think. From the times on the FISA results, we were in second at 500m and came through to win on the line. It was pretty tough!

The WB8 was also a superb race, although an extremely tidy German composite led from the start, we had an exciting toustle with a determeine crew from Leipzig (if thats how its spelled) for second place. The dresden crew that we were all fearing came to nothing!

Overall a superb regatta, in near perfect rowing conditions although the heat was an unaccustomed handicap for the scottish contingent!

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