Sports relief row by Inverness Rowing Club on 13/7/02 - the results in perspective

posted by Ken Sinclair - 14 Sep 2002

For the sad people who like the ergo - the "golden mile" results are now up on the Concept ii website "" (Webmaster's note - link no longer works)

Highlights are.........

  • Duncan Alexander(5.43.5) came in at 82nd place out of 276. Fastest time in his division 4.41.7
  • Neil Wallace(5.29.1) came in at 28th place out of 165. Fastest time in his division 5.02.0
  • Ken Sinclair(5.27.2) came in at 10th place out of 122. Fastest time in his division 4.59.9
Not a bad result and about a few hundred quid to charity.

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