Inverness 8s Head Weekend incorporating the Scottish Students Rowing Championships Head - 16th and 17th February
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The Keys to Sweep Rowing

  • Good length forward and @ back stops.
  • Outside hand being dominant-leading the oar handle forward- leading the accelerated finish.
  • Tapped out, CLEAN finish, FLAT wrist, STRAIGHT arm.
  • Reaching around the pin, giving a long reach and long finish, good swing.
  • Shoulder girdle staying parallel with the handle at both catch and finish. As per photo of SSW in VIII.

Ian Hunter - February 2018

Please study the form of the Inverness Womens' 8+ of 2006, seen here racing in our winter head.
The #5 in that crew, Bridget, rowed in the Cambridge Women’s Blue Boat.

womens 8+

womens 8+